A crowded sanctuary at Mt. Hermon UB on Easter Sunday.

A crowded sanctuary at Mt. Hermon UB on Easter Sunday.

Adam Will, senior pastor, Mount Hermon UB Church (Pomeroy, Ohio)

At Mount Hermon, we began our Easter Sunday with a breakfast that was well attended. We then had a packed worship service with many guests and people who have not been frequently attending for some time. We had nearly 40 kids in our children’s ministry, who had an egg hunt following the service.

This year we used the Easter season not so much to be an outreach to those who aren’t saved, but to reach out to those who have “given up” on church. We really hit home how the resurrection is still relevant for us as Christ followers today.

Tell us about the Easter season at your church.

Mark Ralph (right), senior pastor, Mt. Zion UB church (Wayne, Ohio)

On the Thursday evening before Easter, Mt. Zion hosted a Maundy Thursday service, with open communion from 6:30 – 8:00 pm. Many came and spent time either at the altar or in their seat to celebrate The Last Supper.

Our Good Friday service, at 7pm, was a wonderful time remembering what the cross meant to each of us personally.

We held our Easter morning Sunrise Service at 7 am. Songs of the faith and Scripture reminded us that Jesus is Alive! Breakfast followed our Sunrise Service. So many came that we had to set up more tables. That was a good problem.

Our 9:30 Easter service was packed with people, and filled with music and God’s Word.

Dawn Spangler, senior pastor, Strinestown UB church (Manchester, Pa.).

Strinestown UB Church celebrated Resurrection Sunday several ways. Our Sonrise Service included a drama by some of the women. The men cooked a pancake breakfast with all the trimmings. Our morning service used Luke 24:1-12 to focus again on the use of women to go and tell.

The climax came as we received six new members by profession of faith who have already been actively serving in the church. The children enjoyed an Easter egg Hunt following the morning service. The Holy Spirit has been anointing our services in a special way for the past few months. God is Good!

Al Carter (right), senior pastor, First UB church (Columbus, Ohio)

We experienced the most participants in an Easter Egg search in the last 20 years. Scripture verses were placed in the eggs along with candy. We also handed out bags to pick the eggs that contained information of church services and up-coming events. The Sunday morning service was well attended with several new attendants.

Andy Sikora (right, senior pastor, Renew Communities (Berea, Ohio)

We had a wonderful time worshiping together and celebrating the resurrection! We used on John 16.33, with Jesus saying “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” We focused on the invitation Jesus extends to us as his followers to unite with him, take heart, and have peace.

We shared the video above of our friends from Renew, Neil & Katie Frohnapple. It tells about the troubles they’ve faced in this last year and how clinging to the resurrected Jesus has carried them through.

Pastor Adam Wlil (back) with seven teens interested in attending Huntington University.

Pastor Adam Will (back) with six teens interested in attending Huntington University.

Adam Will, pastor of Mt. Hermon UB church (Pomeroy, Ohio), brought a group of teens to Huntington University on Friday, February 5. They stayed overnight in the dorms and learned about HU’s offerings in the areas that interested them, which included Business, Education, and Nursing.

Andy Sikora (right), senior pastor, Renew Communities (Berea, Ohio).

This year at Renew Communities we did “The Last Place Christmas Projects.” It was born out of the idea that Jesus calls his followers to take last place and live as servants of all. We encouraged people to come up with people they could bless and then recruit others from inside and outside our church to participate in these projects.

The video above shows some of the great stories that came out of these projects.

The last story shows the completion of our 2014 Home For Christmas project where we partnered with two other local churches to buy and renovate a house for a woman and her kids graduating from a homeless/crisis shelter here in Cleveland. In 2014 we raised nearly $25,000 and had other partners give $15,000 that went to rehabbing the home. As part of the Last Place Christmas Project this year, people from Renew collected all the furnishings and tons of Christmas gifts for the family.

Mill Chapel (Reedsville, W. Va.) honored military veterans during the service on Sunday, November 8. The guest speaker had been a Prisoner of War during World War 2. Forty veterans were among the 345 people who attended the service. A meal was held after the second worship service to honor all veterans.


Sunday, November 1, was a joyful and momentous occasion at King Street Church. Dr. Jody Bowser was introduced and preached his first sermon as King Street’s new senior pastor. As a part of celebrating the beginning of the next chapter in King Street’s 137-year history, Jody and his wife, Caryn, were prayed for in each of the four services. Bishop Todd Fetters was on hand to participate in the services.




Bethel Temple of Praise Church, now in its 11th year, has purchased the Yonkers Gospel Mission’s property located at 191 North Broadway in Yonkers, New York. Here are excerpts from a press release from the church:

On behalf of our pastor, Dr. Dalton Jenkins (right), and the Bethel Temple of Praise Church family, we express our gratitude to all those who have assisted financially and prayerful towards this purchase, especially Bishop Phil Whipple and the UB headquarters staff.

Our first Sunday service was held on Sunday, September 27 at 11:30 am.

The sanctuary and attached buildings will house the church’s ministry programs:

  • Soup kitchen/food pantry.
  • Housing for missionaries and pastors on sabbatical.
  • After-school/daycare program.

This purchase will allow us to fulfill our mission to reach the unsaved through the proclamation of the Gospel. We desire to make disciples through the teaching of the Word of God and to foster fellowship by strict adherence to biblical doctrines and ministries.

Bethel, an 11 year old church plant, offers a unique opportunity for global/urban ministry. Located in Yonkers, New York, it is only a 30-minute train ride from Grand Central Terminal, NYC. The church is much needed in this multicultural, multi-ethnic populated environment.

If you are planning your short term missions trip and need a place to go, please consider us at Bethel. We have several projects that can fulfill your plans. If you are led to help us please contact Dr. Jenkins.