• In May, David Leraaen became part-time associate pastor of HomeFront UB in Grandville, Mich.
  • Rick Fischl will assume the role of Superintendent of Pastoral Development for Mid-Atlantic Conference as of July 1. He is replacing John Shubert.
  • John Lang has been named the Appointed Leader of Rock River Church Extension District, effective immediately. He is taking over for Ralph Faber.
  • Brian Allbright is the new senior pastor of Freeport UB (Freeport, Mich.) effective July 6. He will continue pastoring the Woodbury UB church in Lake Odessa, Mich.
  • Paul Dunbar is serving as interim pastor of Lurgan UB (Shippensburg, Pa.) as of July 1.
  • Edsel Calhoun, Jr. is the new senior pastor of Crellin UB (Crellin, Md.) as of July 1. David Shisler had been serving as interim pastor at Crellin.
  • Harold Fry is retiring as of July 1 and will no longer be employed as visitation pastor at Jerusalem Chapel (Churchville, Va.).
  • As of June 28, Kent Haines is Pastor of Assimilation and Evangelism at Cochranton Community UB (Cochranton, Pa.).

  • Dennis Rowe is senior pastor of Living Word UB in Columbus, Ohio, effective August 3. He had been pastoring a UB church in Florida.
  • Jeff Dice is fulltime Discipleship Pastor of Brown Corners UB (Clare, Mich.) effective July 1.
  • Gary Gates is the new senior pastor of South Scipio UB, Harlan, Ind.

  • Donald Barrett resigned as senior pastor of Bethel UB (Elmore, Ohio), effective May 25.
  • Josh Kesler will be assigned as the senior pastor at Bethel beginning sometime in September.
  • James Pryor is the new senior pastor of Mt. Olivet UB (Franklin Co.) in Chambersburg, Pa., effective July 1. He was previously associate pastor of Dillman UB (Warren, Ind.).
  • We received word that Robert W. Mueller, a retired pastor from Central Conference, passed away recently. His last address was in Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Jim Pryer has been named senior pastor of Mt. Olivet Church (Chambersburg, Pa.) in Mid-Atlantic Conference effective July 1, 2003.
  • Ben Geiser, as of May 1, is Associate Pastor of Christ Fellowship UB in Westerville, Ohio. this is a part-time position. Ben holds a local conference license.
  • Also as of May 1, Carolyn Monsul is Children’s Ministries Director (part-time) at Christ Fellowship UB (Westerville, Ohio).
  • Kevin Gift was named Supply Pastor of Mount Olivet UB (Mt. Solon, Va.), effective May 14. He was previously the associate pastor at Mt. Olivet.
  • Peter Martindale was named senior pastor of Mount Hermon UB (Pomeroy, Ohio), effective May 4.
  • Josh Good accepted a position as Pastor of Discipleship and Youth at Banner of Christ UB (Grand Rapids, Mich.), starting June 15.

Joe Leighton is serving as interim pastor of Salem Chapel, Junction City, Ohio.

James Fitz has been named senior pastor of Fountain Hills Community UB, Fountain Hills, Ariz.

Don Ross resigned as pastor of Morocco UB (Temperance, Mich.).

  • Andrea Dupois is the new part-time youth director of Mongul UB (Shippensburg, Pa.).
  • Enrique Lopez is the new pastor of the Hispanic UB church in Phoenix, Ariz., called Corona de Gloria.
  • Andrew Atkins is the new senior pastor of Monticello UB, Spencerville, Ohio.
  • Ron Strader is supply pastor of Mt. Olivet UB, Chambersburg, Pa. The previous pastor, Stan McCammon, is now pastoring Good Shepherd UB in Huntington, Ind.
  • Mark Anderson is part-time youth pastor of Eden UB (Mason, Mich.).