The United Brethren denomination has had a long relationship with Brotherhood Mutual, and many of our local churches are insured through Brotherhood.

Brotherhood Mutual has developed MinistryWorks, a church-specific payroll service provider, affordable for all sizes churches with staff numbering one and up. The cost is as little as $2.50 or less per person/payroll, plus a yearly fee of $10 per W2. You don’t need to be a Brotherhood customer to use MinistryWorks.

Call Tonya Birkey at 866-215-5540 ext. 5335 or Tonya Miller at 866-215-5540 ext. 5356. You can also visit their website at for more information, or download this PDF.


The congregation of Olive Branch UB church in Lakeville, Ind., is quite proud of their new church sign. Very nice.

Note the use of the brand new logo for the US National Conference (in the upper left of the sign). Olive Branch may be the first church to incorporate the new logo. All UB logos can be downloaded from the UB website.

Charles and Doris Malson

Charles and Doris Malson

Charles Malson, Sr., a retired minister now living in Carson City, Mich., is currently in an induced coma at Sparrow Hospital in Carson City. His wife, Doris, found him unresponsive on Wednesday morning (Jan. 23). He came around after treatment.

On Wednesday night, surgery was performed to remove some intestine that had lost blood flow due to a recent fall. He will have surgery again today (Thursday, Jan. 24) to reattach the intestine. He is stable, and will remain in an induced coma as he recovers. “Prognosis seems favorable,” says son Chuck Malson, senior pastor of Brown Corners UB church (Clare, Mich.).

Updates are being posted on the Brown Corners Facebook page.

The Malsons pastored the Brown Corners church 1952-1957, and then planted the Richfield Road UB church in Flint, Mich. In 1981, Rev. Malson was elected fulltime superintendent of Michigan Conference. He continued in that role until 1991, when he and Doris retired. They celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in November 2011.

Cards can be sent to:

Charles F. Malson, Sr.
10928 Easy Street
Carson City, MI 48811

Steve with the Wright Brothers’ photos at the Air and Space Museum (but not quite in tune with the serious expressions required in photography back then).

(Sorry for the glare)

Steve Dennie, Communications Director

In October, Pam and I enjoyed a few days of vacation in Washington, DC. One of those days was spent mostly at the Air and Space Museum.

In the Wright Brothers exhibit, I was surprised, but delighted, to find the name “Church of the United Brethren in Christ” printed at least three times in connection with Wilbur and Orville and their father, Milton, who was a United Brethren bishop. I snapped some photos as proof. There was also a photo of the 1900 General Conference, with Bishop Wright standing front and center.

So, church and state–or at least our church–are not entirely separated at the Smithsonian.

The ONE80 car in the demolition derby.

The ONE80 car at the finish.

Ben Gladhill, associate pastor of Christian Education, Lake View Church (Camden, Mich.)

On September 25, ONE80 Student Ministries of Lake View Church helped sponsor a demolition derby car for the Hillsdale County fair in Hillsdale, Michigan.

Doug Faler, ONE80 adult leader, drove the ONE80 car in the derby. After a great showing in the second heat of the derby, Doug and the ONE80 car advanced to the Feature final along with 11 other cars. In the end, we finished sixth in the Feature!

It was a great opportunity to for our Student Ministries to get its name out to our surrounding community. As well as be a witness to others participating and at the fair.

A special thanks to all who supported ONE80 Students Ministries in this event and cheered Doug and our team to a great showing. Many youth and adults from Lake View Church came out to support our car at the derby. Also a special thanks goes to those who spent many hours working on the car and supported this project financially!

“Indiana Soy,” by Bryan Ballinger.

Bryan Ballinger (right), a Huntington University professor–and animator, and illustrator, and photographer–took first place in the Indiana State Fair photo contest sponsored by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture.

The photo, “Indiana Soy,” was taken near Lancaster Elementary School in Huntington, Ind. Ballinger is an associate professor of digital media arts at HU. He has been recognized many times for his photography.

Ballinger has been recognized many times for his photography, and has had photos on exhibit in various places.

Ballinger has worked as an illustrator for companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney, and Harley Davidson. He was also the lead 3D designer for five years at Big Idea Productions, the creators of VeggieTales.

To see more of Ballinger’s work, visit his person website at

At the Statehouse: Mike Brown, pastor of Franklin UB church (New Albany, Ohio).

Mike Brown, pastor of Franklin UB church in New Albany, Ohio, gave a prayer to open the Ohio House of Representatives session at the Statehouse on March 27, 2012. He was invited by his state representative.

Brown noted that, a couple of years ago, there was a lot of controversy from the Speaker of the House regarding prayer content, including the use of the name Jesus. He was told by an aide to the representative that if he wanted the prayer to be recorded in the official Statehouse history, he had to submit the prayer in writing and get it approved by the Speaker’s office.

“My nature is a bit rebellious at times,” Brown said. “I did not want to submit it, and considered declining the offer to pray. But I talked with another pastor who has prayed at the Statehouse. He said: ‘Do it. Use the name Lord and let them interpret it as they want. Besides, this is a Daniel moment.’ Good advice…so I did.”

Here is Mike Brown’s prayer:

Dear Father in heaven and over all the earth, we hold this truth to be self-evident: that all men, women, and children are created equal. Red and yellow, black, brown and white, we are all precious in your sight. You love the little children and all the people of the world.

I pray today that in Ohio we not only believe but we live our state motto: “With God All Things Are Possible” Your amazing grace has given us this great State and this great nation. One nation under God, we pray that both this state and this nation will always be indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

In every hallway, every corridor, in every room and every chamber of this magnificent Statehouse, let freedom ring and justice reign. Guide, guard, and give every State Representative the wisdom to make the best decision for their constituents and for the citizens of the state of Ohio. And while they are here away from their families, making such a great sacrifice, may their families never be away from their heart. Extend your grace to their families and also give their families great patience as their husband or wife, mother or father, son or daughter serves in this important capacity. Throughout all the travel, please be sure to allow them to arrive back home safely.

Until the very last day of the 129th General Assembly, may the laws of man always be governed by the laws of God, for you are the supreme Governor of the universe, you are the God in whom we must trust. In the name of the Lord I pray, Amen.

Dave Stephens, Director of Camp Cotubic (Bellefontaine, Ohio)

The summer of 2011 was one of the largest ever in terms of numbers of kids attending camp at Cotubic. It appears that the summer of 2012 will be another very busy time. Please pray for all the staff as they host around 3,000 kids this summer. There will be many meals to cook, activities to run, worship and teaching services to lead, songs to sing, toilets to clean, etc. Something special happens when a young person goes to church camp.

We have several large projects to take care of before summer. Between now and June, we will probably be working every Saturday on the following:

Water Slide. The camp was given two commerical water slides last summer. We have removed the old slide, cut down some trees, and are trying to prepare the hillside for the construction of all the pieces of slide laying in a pile. This will be a big job and we need many strong backs to help. Give us a call if you have a crew of men who could help for a day.

Cabin Roofs. We hope to replace the roofs and side exterior walls on three of the A-frame cabins this spring with metal. This will also be a big job.

Mowing. In a couple of weeks, the mowers and tractors will be running non-stop trying to stay ahead of the growing grass. If you have a few hours to spare and can sit on a riding mower, we could use your help probably right after Easter.

Picnic Table Remodeling. I have no idea how many picnic tables are around the camp. There are many. I do know that many of them need new tops and seats. We could really use a few retired men (and women) who have a couple of days to spare this spring to come work on some tables. We have all the tools and boards that are needed. We just need some folks who can operate saws, drills, nail guns, etc. This would be a huge help to the camp.

Painting. We could use a few folks that know how to scrape and paint. Several buildings need some interior help.

Drinking Fountains. Thanks to one of our camp friends, we will be digging up some water lines to install drinking fountains around the camp. If you have a day or two to spare and don’t mind getting a little dirty, come and help. This is a long overdue project.

Staff House Support Beam. Last summer, the middle support beam under the girls staff house broke. We must get under that building and repair or replace that beam. We could use a few guys for a day or two to help with this job.

Discovery Lodge Flooring. A big thank you goes out to the Discovers Sunday school class at College Park church in Huntington, Ind. This group donated this building back in the 90s and continues to help maintain it. They will be laying new ceramic tile in two of the rooms this month.

Nurses Needed. The camp provides 24-hour protection for our campers by having trained medical staff on hand for every event. We are looking for nurses, EMTs, doctors, etc., to volunteer for a week of our three weeks of camp this summer. If you might be available and willing, please contact me at the camp.

David Gregg has been named supply pastor of Lighthouse UB church in Williamston, Mich., effective February 1, 2012. Since 2000, he had been on staff with First Baptist church in Williamston, with whom he was ordained in 2003. He and his wife, Wendy, has four children ranging in age from 19 to 23.