Dec 26 Update on Dan Paternoster

We’ve been keeping you up-to-date on Dan Paternoster, a member of the Executive Leadership Team was was struck by a car in August 2012 while riding his bike. Amidst his recovery, it was discovered that he had bladder cancer. And then his wife, Nancy, was found to have breast cancer, and underwent surgery in December. The Paternosters are from the UB church in Fowlerville, Mich.

On December 26, Nancy wrote:

“Good news! My pathology report came back saying the tissue that was taken had “clear margins” (that’s what surgeons like) and no other cancer was seen. We meet with doctors in January to see what further treatment is recommended at this point. Dan had his last chemo treatment for his bladder cancer before Christmas. His doctor will check mid-January and make sure all of his cancer is gone. We ask you to continue praying that both of us will be declared cancer-free in 2013.

“Dan has been enjoying a return of some of the peripheral vision in his left eye the past few days. May God continue to restore his sight.”

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