A Week of Updates on Dan Paternoster

Dan Paternoster, serving as a greeter at the 2011 US National Conference.

Dan Paternoster, serving as a greeter at the 2011 US National Conference.

We’ve not updated you on Dan Paternoster in a while. Dan, a veterinarian from Fowlerville, Mich., was hit by a car on August 28 while he was riding his bike. He has been a member of the Executive Leadership Team since 2001. Dan’s wife, Nancy, posts regular updates about Dan. Here are some from the past week.

Monday, October 15. These are Dan’s words tonight. His eyes still do not allow him to see well enough to use the computer yet, so I’m typing for him. “I thank people for their interest. I thank the Lord for all the people who’ve helped me. And I look forward to being a help and blessing to people again. Right now I’m looking to the Lord for healing from the accident and the cancer.”

Wednesday, October 17. Dan’s progress has been very quick lately, although he still feels it is slow. Problem is, he doesn’t know where he started at less than 2 months ago. Yesterday he walked on a low balance beam as well as having some therapy in the pool. His left eye is improving slowly, but he still sees double much of the time.

Today we’re venturing out to the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum in the afternoon WITHOUT THE WHEELCHAIR! We may have many rest breaks during our time there. This is a test for both of us to see how we do in the real world again.

Thursday, October 18. We’re both tired after yesterday’s outing, but we survived quite well. Today we were given a release date of October 30th. Yay! Dan is happy that the feeding tube will be removed next week and the bladder stent the week after. All this just before we return home. Then on to some outpatient rehabilitation therapy.

Sunday, October 21. Dan is continuing to get better and knows that it is true now when someone tells him so. We ask for continued prayer for his left eye to move properly and his vision to be restored to normal. Dan needs patience, as he has another 5 weeks before x-rays will be done on his neck and back to determine if his braces can be removed.

Tuesday, October 23. On Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, I’ll be touring 2 rehab facilities for outpatient care for Dan. Please pray that the best choice for his further care would be obvious to all involved.

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