Aug 31 Updates on Dan Paternoster

A couple updates on Dan Paternoster, a member of the Executive Leadership struck by a car on Tuesday morning.

Dan moved all of his limbs again today (Friday). The doctors loosened the collar brace around his neck and he moved his head from right to left and back to get as comfortable as possible. When the nurse was brushing his teeth he opened his eyes for a few minutes but was not focusing or following anything specific. Later he was chewing on the tubing in his mouth. His movement seems to increase when his pain medications are decreased or when they are wearing off. Dan is still on a ventilator but the chest tube that was suctioning extra liquids away from the chest and lung area was removed today. The pressure in the brain is still a serious concern.

The cat scan did NOT show any large blood clots! Dan still has swelling in his brain that is dangerous but he will not be going to surgery at this time.

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