Bishop Ron Ramsey provides the following update on his wife’s physical condition. “Many of you have been praying for my wife, E. J. I want to report that prayer works. As you may recall from an email in early December, she was diagnosed with a serious eye condition that could cause total blindness in as little as three weeks. She had already lost partial vision in her right eye. She was started on a course of steroids that could last 1-2 years to combat the disease. But after only four weeks of steroids, her latest blood test came back normal and she began to be weaned off the steroids. I thank God for all of your prayers. There is no doubt in my mind, or hers, that God supernaturally touched her. And I praise God today afresh for his compassion and healing.

On January 15, 2006, Pastor Adam Will was officially installed as pastor of Eden UB church in Reedsville, Ohio. This happened 10 months since he took over as pastor on Palm Sunday in March 2005. He was surprised to find many people in attendance, because the congregation had surprised him with his local conference license. The ironic thing was that the title to Pastor Adam’s message was “Shhh! It’s a Secret!” By the Grace of God, the church, having been through so much, is starting to grow again in Spirit, energy, and even numbers.

  • Ron Evans was assigned as the senior pastor at the Mt. Zion Church (Decatur, Ind.), effective October 16.
  • Kent Maxwell was assigned as interim pastor at the Lancaster Church (Lancaster, Ohio) for the period of October 30, 2005 to January 31, 2006.
  • Dennis Rowe has been assigned as the senior pastor of the Hillsdale church (St. Marys, Ohio), effective December 4.

Bishop Emeritus Clarence Kopp underwent surgery on Monday, December 5, to remove a fist-sized mass on his liver. However, they began with a scope, since it was suspected that the tumor might be hiding additional diseased tissue. That turned out to be the case. The surgeon felt that the tumor was either positioned much differently than expected or that it now had grown to the point where three-fourths of the liver would need to be removed. As a result, no surgery was performed. Bishop Kopp will now begin six months of chemotherapy treatments to shrink the tumor. He was expected to be released from the hospital today.

On Monday, November 28, Elsie Ramsey, wife of Bishop Ron Ramsey, underwent some tests for what they feared could be cancer. They are thankful that that wasn’t the case. However, later in the day they learned that E. J. has a disorder called temporal artoritis, a condition of inflamed blood vessels in the head. It was affecting the optic nerve in E. J.’s right eye, and if left untreated, could lead to total blindness. E. J. is on a heavy regimen of steroids right now, and the treatments are going well. The doctor feels they got it in time and Elsie may not need to be on the steroids very long. It’s not life-threatening, and there is no pain, but as mentioned, it can lead to blindness. E. J. is also diabetic, and steroids can adversely affect diabetes. But thus far, she has experienced no adverse side effects. As churches, please remember E. J. and Ron in your prayers.

Terry Taylor has been appointed as the senior pastor at Innisdale Church (Alexandria, Ind.), effective September 11, 2005. He had been serving with Rev. Larry Schimmel (the former pastor) as an associate pastor.

The Underwood UB church (Oakland, Md.) has licensed two men as ministers: Mike Bernard and Marty Wilt. The church also baptized 15 people.

The Mill Chapel UB church (Reedsville, W. Va.) also licensed one new minister: Nick Bryan. In addition, 16 people have been baptized in recent months, and another 15 are to be baptized on August 21.
Both churches are looking at building projects, since they are becoming overcrowded. God is blessing and lives are being changed. Marshall Woods is the pastor of both churches.

Bishop Ron Ramsey has appointed Rev. Pat Jones as Healthy Church Director, a major new staff position at the United Brethren Headquarters. In that role, Pat will focus most of his time on developing the new “clusters,” which will consist of an average of seven churches. There will be about 30 clusters scattered across the country, and every United Brethren church will be required to join a cluster.

For the past 14 years, Pat has served as senior pastor of King Street UB church in Chambersburg, Pa. Before that, he planted the UB church in Carlisle, Pa., and also pastored the Devonshire UB church in Harrisburg, Pa. Pat has been a member of the Executive Leadership Team, is a member of the Huntington University Board of Trustees, and has filled various roles at the conference and denominational level.

Both Bishop Ron Ramsey and Rev. Pat Jones were able to sell their homes within a week, and for the full asking price. Pat and Pam Jones are purchasing a home on the southwest side of Fort Wayne, about 20 minutes from Huntington. Bishop Ramsey says, “We’ve decided to rent for a while to get better acclimated to the area before we rush in to build or buy.”


Carlson and Naomi Becker will go to Macau this fall as fulltime missionaries with the English Language Program. They will stay for three years.

Carlson is the son of former Huntington College President Elmer Becker. Both he and Naomi graduated from HC. From 1964-1968, Carlson pastored the Union Church in Huntington. Then they went to Michigan to begin ten years as director and wife at Camp Living Waters, a UB camp, having worked with the YMCA and in camping during college and seminary.

In 1977, the Beckers moved back to Huntington after General Conference elected Carlson to be the Director of Stewardship. He worked at the UB Headquarters in Stewardship work for 12 years. Then, in 1989, he began four years as Associate Director of Missions. One daughter, Michelle, served as a missionary nurse in Sierra Leone.

Carlson left that position in 1993 and returned to the pastorateƑthe Northland UB church in Traverse City, Mich. He served that church for ten years.