Scott Hardaway and Noel Marquard.

Scott Hardaway and Noel Marquard.

Scott Hardaway has announced (on Facebook) his engagement to Noel Marquard. Noel teaches second grade at Chandler Christian Academy in Chandler, Ariz. Her teaching also experience includes four years in Senegal, West Africa.

Scott served 12 years as pastor of Pathway UB church in Jackson, Mich. His first wife, Tanya, died of cancer in October 2012, and the following year Scott stepped away from the pastorate in order to raise his two sons. He wrote at the time, “I’ve never met a pastor who was a single parent. Now I know why. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I am saying I can’t do it.”

We rejoice with Scott, and Noel, as they begin this new chapter in their lives.

Kyle McQuillen (right) and his wife, Marlouise, served as UB missionaries in Sierra Leone and later pastored the College Park UB church in Huntington, Ind. From 1993-2001, Kyle served as Director of Global Ministries. He and Marlouise then retired to a home in Edgewater, Fla., though Kyle has remained very active as a prison chaplain and on staff with Edgewater Alliance church.

In early 2012, Kyle was diagnosed with cancer, and thus began a long journey. On his Facebook page, Kyle gave a very positive update.

Kyle McQuillen

This week was marked by another milestone in my journey with cancer.

In January, 2012 I was diagnosed with lymphoma and began an exhaustive chemo treatment for the next several months until April 2012, when my cancer went into remission. However, by that time my immune system was totally compromised and I spent the next several months in and out of the hospital.

In August 2012, I began to recover but found it necessary to continue on “post cancer” treatment. For the past 22 months I have been receiving infusions each month of two treatments: IVIG, which is designed to build up the immune system; and RITUXIN, which is a cancer medication that interferes with the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body. These infusions have been administered through a port and generally take anywhere from 4-7 hours each.

This past Thursday, June 5th, was my final infusion. My immune system has fully recovered to pre-cancer days. For example, my platelet count had gone down to 17-25 at my low point. Now those platelets are at 230, which is where they ought to be! All my blood work is now normal, for which I praise God.

I am feeling great, working for the Florida Department of Corrections at Tomoka State Prison 55 hours a week and still on staff at my local church as visitation and member care pastor. Two months ago I started an exercise program of one full hour of swimming each day, and I love it! I’m 76 now and enjoying life as much as ever!

Mike Soltis, pastor of The Bridge Fellowship in Bowling Green, Ohio, is currently undergoing kidney stone surgery. The family would appreciate your prayers.

Andy and Meri Sikorra kneel as Bishop Phil Whipple conducts Andy's ordination.

Andy and Meri Sikora kneel, along with one of their two daughters, as Bishop Phil Whipple conducts Andy’s ordination.

Andy and Meri Sikorra with Bishop Phil Whipple (right).

Andy and Meri Sikora with Bishop Phil Whipple (right).

Andy Sikora was ordained by Bishop Phil Whipple on Sunday, May 4, in Berea, Ohio. Assisting in the ordination were Rev. Marty Pennington, pastor of Mainstreet UB church (Walbridge, Ohio) and Dr. Luke Fetters, a professor at Huntington University.

Andy Sikora is senior pastor of ReNew Communities in Berea. He founded the church in 2010.

Gary Gates (right) will undergo at least a three-bypass heart surgery on Wednesday morning, April 23. Please keep Gary and his wife, Rebecca, in your prayers.

Gary is pastor of South Scipio UB church in Harlan, Ind., and also works part-time as the UB Director of Ministerial Licensing.

The surgery will occur in Fort Wayne, Ind. They do not want visitors. However, you can send cards to:

Gary Gates
24990 Antwerp Road
Harlan, IN 46743

During the past few days Ken Thompson, a former UB pastor, suffered two heart attacks and underwent two surgeries.

Ken pastored three UB churches beginning in 1987–Welcome chapel n Van Buren, Ind., New Hope in Huntington, Ind., and Hillsdale UB in St. Mary’s, Ohio. His wife, Barbara, was administrative assistant to the president of Huntington University until last fall. Ken had accepted a job as principal of Granger Christian School in Granger, Ind.

The most recent report is that doctors removed the heart pump this morning. There will be many tests today and rest is significant in the healing process. Please pray that his heart will continue to gain the necessary strength.

Cards can be sent to Ken and Barb Thompson at 51551 Stratton Court, Granger, IN 46530.

L-r: Kim Fish, Phil Whipple, Michelle Blocher, and Matt Graham.

L-r: Kim Fish, Phil Whipple, Michelle Blocher, and Matt Graham.

Michelle Blocher and her husband, Tim.

Michelle Blocher and her husband, Tim.

On Sunday, April 6, Bishop Phil Whipple attended Emmanuel Community Church (Fort Wayne, Ind.) to presented United Brethren ministerial licenses to three members of the staff.

Michelle Blocher, pastor of Early Childhood Ministries at Emmanuel, was ordained as a United Brethren minister. She has served on staff at Emmanuel since 2004. Michelle and her husband, Tim, were married in 1979 and have one child.

Bishop Whipple presented the provisional license, the entry-level denominational license, to two persons. The

  • Kim Fish, director of Women’s Ministries at Emmanuel. Kim and her husband, Steve, previously pastored the Shoreline UB church in Oak Harbor, Ohio. Kim is the daughter of Kent and Carol Maxwell, who served several decades in United Brethren ministry.
  • Matt Graham, a pastoral intern at Emmanuel since September 2013. Matt is completing his Masters of Ministry degree through Bethel University (Mishawaka, Ind.).

Scott Stephens, director of Camp Cotubic (Bellefontaine, Ohio), provided this update on Tuesday about his father, retired UB minister Dave Stephens (right).

“Dad was admitted into the hospital at Ohio State and is still there. He had gone in on Monday for his last radiation treatment on his hip when his doctor became concerned with his skin and eye coloring. Changing or yellowing of the skin and eyes is a sign of issues in the liver, which the doctor had told us we’d need to keep an eye on throughout chemo treatments. They did a CT scan today (Tuesday) and are going to do an MRI late tonight looking at his liver. We should know the results in the morning.

“This could be one of many different things with worst case being the cancer has spread to his liver. If that’s the case, it’s a game changer. Needless to say, we’re very concerned and praying this isn’t the case. We’re concerned but not worried! We know who holds Dad in the palm of his hand!”

Dave’s mailing address:

David Stephens
2158 Road 25 North
Bellefontaine, OH 43311

You can also leave a note on his Facebook page.

Brent Liechty (left) speaking as other gather around Scott Hardaway.

Brent Liechty (left) speaking as other gather around Scott Hardaway.


Brent Liechty (right), senior pastor, Pathway Community Church (Jackson, Mich.)

On Sunday, March 16, Pathway Community Church paid tribute to its former pastor, Scott Hardaway.

Todd Fetters, director of National Ministries, came to speak and kick-off our new series, “All For Christ.” He did an excellent job. Then we had a special lunch to honor Scott Hardaway, who was the senior pastor here from 2005 to November 2013.

In October 2012, Scott’s wife, Tanya, passed away soon after being diagnosed with cancer. Scott realized he could no longer be both a single dad and a pastor, so he resigned. Pastor Scott worked hard to lead with integrity and passion, and to love the congregation to become All For Christ.

Many people shared stories of how their lives were changed through Scott’s time here at PCC. He was presented a scrapbook filled with pages from people within our church, with pictures, letters, and more stories for him to remember his time with us fondly. We finished by having past and present elders lay hands on Scott and pray over him.

Scott is currently working towards a paralegal degree at Baker College, and will take his two boys to summer with his parents in Washington State.

I’m very proud to have worked with Scott as his associate pastor. We were a good team. He has changed me for the better in so many ways.

Two pastors’ wives experienced mishaps over the weekend.

  • Juanita Watterly fell at a church bowling event on Saturday night, March 15, and needed six staples to close the wound on her head. At the time there were no signs of a concussion, but on Monday, husband Ron reported, Juanita was having blurred vision and dizzy spells. Ron is pastor of McCallum UB church (Delton, Mich.).
  • Over the weekend, Rebecca Gates fell and broke her hip. She underwent surgery on Monday morning, March 17, to replace the ball joint of the hip. Her husband, Gary, reported that she stood on it today and starts therapy on Tuesday. Gary is pastor of South Scipio UB church (Harlan, Ind.) and the denominational Director of Ministerial Licenses.