National Conference Reports

A few reports for the 2017 US National Conference areĀ starting to appear on the United Brethren website.

The Human Sexuality Task Force

The Human Sexuality Task Force has finalized its proposals. Their white paper (report 22), which explains the proposals, has been posted on theĀ Reports page, with links to download the report in PDF format or to view it online. A related PDF document (report 23) includes the entire “Family Standards” chapter of the Discipline, so you can see their proposals in the context of all of our other statements on family-related issues.

If you are attending one of the upcoming Regional Meetings (which start May 15 in Michigan and May 17 in Willshire, Ohio), it is recommended that you download and read the report beforehand. It will be the central topic of the meeting.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee has finalized its report, with the nominations for both bishop and members of the Executive Leadership Team. The Discipline requires that the ballot for bishop be published 60 days prior to National Conference. The ballot for Executive Leadership Team members must be posted 30 days beforehand. From the Reports page, you can read their report online or download a PDF copy of it.

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