On This Day in UB History: April 17 (Olive Weaver)

On April 17, 1948, the 24-year-old Olive Weaver began the first of what would become five terms as a missionary in Sierra Leone. She serve continuously until 1968.

Olive, like several other missionaries over the years, including Eula Eby, Ruth Benner, and Shirley Fretz, came out of the Grace UB church in Sherkston, Ontario.

Olive spent her first four terms, 1948-1963, teaching at the Minnie Mull School for Girls in Bonthe. She¬†moved to Bumpe for the fifth term to serve at the girls’ school.

As with other missionaries, Olive’s duties went well beyond her “official” assignment. She helped lead services in villages, cared for babies and children, and was involved with starting some of the UB churches in the Freetown area.

Back in Ontario, Olive taught elementary school in Fort Erie. She later married Tom Rickersey, an Australian. Tom passed away in 1996, leaving behind four children and ten grandchildren.

Olive Weaver Rickersey, 82, passed away July 6, 2007.

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