On This Day in UB History: January 17

The first service of Immanuel UB church (Carlisle, Pa.) was held on January 17, 1982. The church was a joint effort of Pennsylvania Conference and Prince Street church in Shippensburg, Pa. The first service was held in a Seventh Day Adventist school outside of town, with 28 people attending. Fred Johns, pastor of Prince Street, served as supervising pastor.

Rodney Minor, a seminary student, conducted services for seven months. Then, in August, the conference assigned Patrick Jones as pastor of Immanuel, in addition to his work as associate pastor of Prince Street. On his first Sunday, ten people attended. The next summer, he was assigned to Carlisle fulltime, and attendance climbed into the 50s. In December 1983, they bought their own building for $50,000 with help from Prince Street. Jones remained at Carlisle until 1988.

In 2000, Immanuel merged with a non-UB church to form a United Brethren congregation now called Bethany Evangelical Church.

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