Checking in with June Brown

Frank Y, June Brown, and Jeff Bleijerveld

Frank Y, June Brown, and Jeff Bleijerveld

Jeff Bleijerveld and Frank Y of Global Ministries visited with June Brown on September 16 in Chambersburg, Pa. June was a long-term missionary in rural Sierra Leone, serving for well over 30 years. June taught math to local students, spoke in surrounding churches, mentored many young leaders, and impacted the people and churches of Sierra Leone in many other ways.

June met with Jeff and Frank in a ranch-style home that once belonged to her parents. Although she no longer has a car and it is not easy for her to get around, many families in the local community and church come alongside her–helping her with mowing, buying groceries, getting to and from church, and other life needs. June still faithfully prays for missions, the church, and the people God has given her to steward.

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