The 8 Elected Members of the New Executive Leadership Team

On July 16, the US National Conference elected eight persons to the Executive Leadership Team–one minister and one layperson from each of the four regions.

Staggered terms were implemented with this National Conference to provide some continuity. All members previously served two-year terms. Now, the eight elected members will serve four-year terms, with half of them being elected every two years. To get the stagger in place, this year half of the ELT members were elected to two-year terms and half were elected to four-year terms. Beginning in 2017, with the stagger in place, everyone will be elected to four-year terms.

Sometime prior to the October 2015 ELT meeting, another four persons will be nominated by the bishop and then appointed by the ELT. All appointed members will serve two-year terms.

Here are the eight persons elected and the length of their terms.

East District (Everything east of western Pennsylvania)

  • Clergy: 2 years. Dennis Sites (left), senior pastor of Jerusalem Chapel (Churchville, Va.).
  • Lay: 4 years. Sherwood Cook (right), a retired construction administrator from Mount Pleasant UB church (Chambersburg, Pa.).

Central District (Ohio, Kentucky, western Pennsylvania)

  • Clergy: 4 years. Greg Voight (left), senior pastor of Lancaster UB church (Lancaster, Ohio).
  • Lay: 2 years. Todd Rhoades (right), a writer and website administrator on Christian leadership issues from New Hope Community Church (Bryan, Ohio).

North District (Michigan)

  • Clergy: 4 years. Randy Carpenter (left), senior pastor of Sunfield UB church (Sunfield, Mich.).
  • Lay: 2 years. Bob Tobey (right), a retired schoolteacher from Colwood UB church (Caro, Mich.).

West District (Indiana and all points west)

  • Clergy: 2 years. Gary Dilley (left), former Director of Global Ministries and current senior pastor of College Park UB church (Huntington, Ind.).
  • Lay: 4 years. Kevin Smith (right), national sales manager of Romar MEC/Fit Up Gear from Zanesville UB church (Zanesville, Ind.).

Five of them were re-elected from the 2013-2015 team. The new members are Randy Carpenter, Kevin Smith, and Todd Rhoades.

You can also view them here. Four additional persons will be added as the ELT appoints them.

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