Deadline for Proposals for National Conference

Todd Fetters, Director of National Ministries

Our practice since 2007 has been to go light on conference business every other year. We handled over 20 proposals in 2013, but this year is the “off” year. However, the docket has been filled with 13 proposals, some of which may generate considerable discussion.

We posted the Rules & Procedures for the upcoming US National Conference. The first order of business will be to officially adopt these rules.

Please note rule 17, which states, “Any item of business, petition, or Discipline revision proposal must be submitted to the Bishop’s Office no later than Wednesday, July 1, 2015.”

Report 41, “Proposals,” contains the official list of proposals which will go before the delegates. Any proposals you wish to have included in Report 41 must reach the Bishop’s Office by July 1. The final version of Report 41 will be posted on July 3.

Of course, parliamentary procedure allows for setting aside Rule 17 to consider new proposals from the floor. Any delegates wanting to do this will need to take responsibility for duplicating the proposal for all 300+ delegates.

Most reports, along with all of the proposals submitted thus far, have been posted on the conference website. You can view them online or download them as PDF files.

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