Raising the Roof in Greenfield, Ohio

Scott Graham (right), senior pastor, Good Shepherd UB (Greenfield, Ohio)

The roof at Good Shepherd UB desperately needs to be replaced. Over 20 years of storms and deterioration have taken a toll, and shingles are peeling off. It won’t be long until it starts leaking.

Members of the church’s facilities team have received bids to replace the roof. The church needs $16,500 and it’s not in the bank. The church had discussed and prayed about the need, and $9700 has been received over the past year through small gifts.

Instead of going through a long capital campaign to raise the rest of the funds, the church decided to receive one special offering, trusting God to provide.

For about six weeks, we shared the Raise the Roof special offering. We asked the congregation to prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift over and above their tithes.

On Sunday, April 19, we received the offering. The one-time special offering was $6,815, which brought the roof total to $16,515—nearly exactly what was needed!

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