Don Merillat Hospitalized in Florida

Don Merillat, a retired UB minister, was hospitalized over the weekend in Tampa, Florida. His condition was very serious. On Sunday, his wife, Carol, wrote, “Don is resting and the pain seems to be subsiding, but he is terribly confused. It partly may be drugs; they are taking him off of them. The infectious doctor was in today and they are going to be testing to see if and where there is infection in the body. One blood test came back that there was some infection. He has been retested. He has had pneumonia and we are in question about his kidneys and how much they may be playing a part in the confusion. Kidneys are not good.”

On Tuesday, Feb. 24, Carol added this message: “The doctors did blood work yesterday. There seems to be an infection in his body. Infectious people will be working on it. He was still very confused and realized that his mind was playing tricks on him. Hard to deal with. Much of this could be due to the drugs that they had him on for pain. He is on two different antibiotics by IV….He has been free from the horrific pain for a couple of days and they are giving him no pain meds as of yesterday.”

Please keep Don and Carol in your prayers.

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