Mabel Mundy Retired; Welcome Judy Dyer

Mabel Mundy (left) and Judy Dyer.

Mabel Mundy (left) and Judy Dyer.

The National Office staff took Mabel out to a local Mexican restaurant as a farewell meal.

The National Office staff took Mabel out to a local Mexican restaurant for a farewell meal.

The UB National Office welcomes Judy Dyer to the staff. At the beginning of November, she began work as the new accounting clerk. She will work closely with Finance Director Marci Hammel.

Judy and her husband, Phil, have attended College Park UB church (Huntington, Ind.) since 1985. She and Phil met on a blind date, and were married in 1977. Phil works for the Norfolk & Southern railroad. They have two daughters. Natalie lives in Warren, Ind., and Marceline lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Judy grew up in Huntington and has lived here all her life. She graduated from Huntington University in 1976 with an associates degree in Business Management and Administration. In 2002, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Judy has worked in a variety of finance-related positions. She has managed two credit unions, worked for a nonprofit senior center, and worked in accounting for over 15 years. She brings a lot of experience and expertise to the position.

Judy takes the place of Mabel Mundy, who had served at the national office since 1987. At age 74, she decided it was time to retire. She and her husband, Bill, live outside of Huntington.

For 16 years, she was executive secretary in Global Ministries, and worked for three different persons—Bishop Jerry Datema (until 1993), Global Ministries director Kyle McQuillen (1993-2001), and then Global Ministries director Gary Dilley (2001-2003). In June 2003, Mabel switched to a different role, as accounting clerk.

We are grateful for Mabel’s 27 years of service in the national office. She was extremely dedicated, tireless, selfless, and just a very very nice person to be around.

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  • Tom Datema
    Posted at 07:59h, 24 November

    Well done, Mabel. You are an inspiration.

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