2015 Pastor Salary Guidelines

The Executive Leadership Team, during its October 13-14 meeting, approved the Pastoral Compensation guidelines for 2015. Many UB churches use this formula to set salaries and budgets for the coming year.

The minimum fulltime salary (called Standard Base Salary) for senior pastors was set at $37,981 for 2015. This is an increase of 1% over the 2014 figure.

The Standard Base Salary is only the starting point. Other factors–such as experience, education, church attendance, staff size–add to the base salary.

Benefits such as parsonage, utilities, SECA, insurance, and pension round out the total compensation package.

To be a fulltime pastor, the compensation package must meet all of these criteria in full. If a church cannot meet these guidelines, a pastor may pursue supplemental employment to achieve the compensation level.

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