Prince Street Family Day at Rhodes Grove Camp

Pastor Jim Bolich (left) conducts one of the day's five baptisms.

Pastor Jim Bolich (left) conducts one of the day’s five baptisms.

Meal time during the Prince Street Family Day at Rhodes Grove Camp.

Meal time during the Prince Street Family Day at Rhodes Grove Camp.

Jim Bolich (right), senior pastor, Prince Street UB church (Shippensburg, Pa.)

Each year, on the third Sunday of August, Prince Street Church steps away from the hectic pace of our ordinary lives to get away for a day of worship, fellowship, and fun. It’s a way to celebrate old friendships and make a few new ones. This year, more than 160 people gathered outside Chambersburg on the grounds of Rhodes Grove Camp for Family Day.

The first 30 minutes of the day were devoted to mingling, giving people who typically attend different worship services opportunity to get acquainted. It also provided time to get to know some new friends who joined us for the day. With the room buzzing with conversation, our worship continued with a time of singing, prayer, and God’s Word. As the service drew to a close, we shared communion together.

As always, Sunday dinner was delicious. From the fried chicken to the mac and cheese to the ham and green beans, there was something for every taste. But even sweeter than the cupcakes for dessert were the conversations I heard around the tables as we ate together.

The skies cleared just in time for us to enjoy the afternoon playing together. Some took advantage of the swings under the shade trees. Others climbed the zip-line for an adrenaline-pumping ride. Some waded in the pool, while others found ways to slip beyond the normal boundaries of the water slide. Some enjoyed a game of corn hole, while others simply enjoyed a conversation in lawn chairs.

But for me, the highlight of the day was yet to come.

Each year, we offer baptism as the final activity of Family Day. This year, five people gave testimony to their faith through the baptism as their family and friends gathered around the pool. What a celebration!

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