Steve Smith to Undergo Heart Procedure on Aug 26

Steve Smith, senior pastor of Lake View UB church (Camden, Mich.) is undergoing heart surgery on Tuesday, Aug 26, at the University of Michigan Cardio Vascular Center. He has congestive heart failure. He says he will undergo a new form of cardio ablation which has not yet been approved for practice in the United States, though it has been used with good success in Europe and Canada.

The first procedure will occur Tuesday morning, Aug 26, at 9:00. It will check for clotting and blockage around the heart. He will then be prepared for the 1 pm surgery, which will take 5-6 hours.

Steve says he is counting on being released Wednesday afternoon, but it may be Thursday.

Steve’s wife, Pam, will be with him. You can email them both: and

Cards can be sent to:

Stephen E. Smith
14901 Meadowvale Dr
Camden, MI 49232

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