Steve Smith Undergoes Heart Procedure

Steve Smith (right), pastor of Lake View UB church (Camden, Mich.), had a scare last Friday (February 21) when he underwent a heart-related procedure. His wife, Pam, sent this email on February 20, explaining the situation and asking for prayer:

“Before we left for vacation, we asked for prayer for Steve as it was discovered when he went in to the doctor because of the flu that his heart was beating out of rhythm, called Atrial Fibrillation. He was to go to the cardiologist the day before we left for vacation, but with the large snowfall the night before, were unable to do so. The appointment was rescheduled for Tuesday, February 18.

“After consulting with the doctor, Steve will be going into the Hillsdale Hospital this Friday morning at 8:30 AM to have a procedure called cardio version. The goal is to give his heart enough of a shock to put it back into rhythm. Because his heart is out of rhythm, it is weakening his heart function. Please pray this will do what the doctor believes will restore his heart rhythm.”

God is good. Afterwards, Pam sent out this email: “Things went well. His heart is back in rhythm. Keeping him over night for observation. Thanks for your prayers!”

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