Great Books Curriculum Coming to HU

Huntington University is launching the Great Books curriculum, an honors program designed for high-achieving students who want to challenge themselves to explore history’s greatest ideas and authors.

The Great Books curriculum includes books which are considered the foundation of western literature. For each course, students will be required to read two texts of cultural significance, such as “War and Peace” or the works of Aristotle or Plato; attend lectures; produce an independent project; perform 20 hours of service; and attend cultural events, such as a professional theatrical performance.

“For students who want to improve their critical thinking skills or build a stronger vocabulary or become more eloquent speakers and writers, there’s no more effective means of doing so than the Great Books curriculum,” said Dr. Del Doughty, interim vice president for academic affairs.

The program will launch in the fall of 2014. Initially, the program will accept 10 students based on academic achievement and a commitment to serving others. The program aims to grow each year.

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