Missionaries in Transition

Frank Y, Associate Director of Global Ministries

A number of Global Ministries staff are in transition. Here’s a snapshot of these missionaries on the move:

Miriam, our worker in India, returned to the States in early August for her four-month home ministry assignment. She’ll be connecting with family and supporters during these months. Her three sons and their families live in the States.

Jenaya Bonner completed her home ministry assignment and returned to Macau for continued service last week. This is her second term. She worked with the English Language Program during her first term, in addition to various ministries involving Living Stone church. This time, in addition to her duties with the ELP, she will work to find ways to create bridges between the Living Stone UB church and its community. Jenaya is from Emmanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne, Ind.

A Global Ministries staff member will leave to serve in a closed country later this week. This will be the first term for this person. For security reasons we can’t give you additional information about this person’s identity or area of service.

The Kline family (David, Melissa, Mia, Brandt, and Aiden) just packed their bags and will be returning to the States later this week. They are in the process of saying good-byes to their friends and coworkers in Macau. Melissa went to Macau in 2001 as a single missionary. She and David were married in March 2003 and have served together in Macau since April 2004.

Bryan and Emily Gerlach have completed their cross-cultural and language training and will leave for Thailand in mid-September. They are currently waiting for their visas to be approved.

We regretfully announce that Jessica Hollopeter will conclude her service with Global Ministries and OMS (One Mission Society) as of the end of August 2013. The reason: financial support difficulties and a lack of regular supporters.

For the past three years, Jessica has beautifully expressed her journalism and administrative gifts in both organizations, and will truly be missed. Pray that God will be her strength and provision as she seeks his guidance for next steps. If you are interested in sending Jessica a note of encouragement, or assisting with her financial deficit, please contact Global Ministries at gm@ub.org.

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