Prayer for Mother of Pastor Eric Self

Barbara Self, mother of Eric Self, pastor of Mount Zion UB Church (Junction City, Ohio), has been dealing with a number of critical medical issues for over a month now. She has been hospitalized in critical condition with an aggressive form of cancer, but other problems have delayed chemotherapy treatments. She has a blood clot, and serious infections.

“We nearly lost her over the weekend,” wrote daughter-in-law Annette Self on July 30. “Getting rid of the infections is the top priority now. As long as nothing happens with that blood clot, I think she will continue to improve.”

Annette reported that Barbara is in stable condition and even improving, but remains in ICU. She’s been off the ventilator for a few days, and ate on her own yesterday.

You can write to Eric Self at:

208 West Main St., PO Box 75
Junction City, OH 43748-0075

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