Honduras: 5 Clinics, 1600 Patients, 96 Conversions

In June, 23 persons from across the denomination participated in short-term medical ministry in Honduras. The team spent a week conducting free medical clinics for persons in remote villages in the mountains outside of Tegucigalpa.

The team held five clinics, during which they saw more than 1600 patients. Along with treating a number of health issues, the team also dispensed eye glasses to more than 600 persons.

Using wordless books prepared by women from North American Women’s Missionary Fellowship groups, the team shared the gospel with each patient. Ninety-six commitments to Christ were made during the week.

The team was  led by Robert and Fonda Cassidy (right), from the Mount Olivet UB church in Mt. Solon, Va. They have led this annual short-term team for a number of years.

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