Ballot for Bishop

The Nominating Committee has submitted the ballot for bishop. It has one name on it: Phillip Whipple (right).

In 2009, the US National Conference elected Phil Whipple as bishop. He has now served in that position for four years.

Phil Whipple was born on June 23, 1957, and named Walter Phillip Whipple. However, he has gone by his middle name since birth. When Phil was very young, his father died. His mother remarried, and they moved to Illinois, where he spent his school days.

Phil grew up in a strong Christian family where he learned the importance of prayer and obedience. He sensed God’s call into ministry at the age of 17, and began an educational journey through two Bible colleges before graduating from Liberty University. He attended Huntington University for graduate school.

Phil took his first pastorate in 1984. In 1990, he joined the United Brethren Church as an as- sociate at Richfield Road UB church in Flint, Mich. In 1991, he was stationed as pastor of Pleasant Valley UB in Lake Odessa, Mich., and remained there for seven years.

Phil became pastor of Colwood UB church (Caro, Mich.) in 1998 and stayed there 11 years. During that time, the church’s morning attendance grew from 200 to over 500, and they baptized over 130 people.

Phil and his wife, Sandy, have been married for almost 30 years. They have two sons, Josh and Mike, both of whom serve on staff at Colwood UB church (Caro, Mich.).

The election of the bishop will occur on Thursday morning, June 27, during the business session of the 2013 UB National Conference. As always, nominations will be allowed from the floor.

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