Easter Story: Pomeroy, Ohio

Ricky Hull (right), senior pastor, Mt. Hermon UB church (Pomeroy, Ohio)

We started off being challenged by Adam Will in our Sunrise service as he reminded us of the truth of Romans 8:31 that “if God is on our side, who can be against us?” and how God’s awesome power was seen in the resurrection and in our own lives. We then celebrated what God has been doing in our lives over the past year with a PowerPoint slideshow that was set to the worship song “One Thing Remains.” People in our church turned in praises that were put into the slideshow, and we celebrated all that God was accomplishing in our midst.

During our worship service, we continued to celebrate and remember all that God has accomplished for us through the eyes of witnesses to the resurrection. We looked at Mary Magdalene (and the skepticism she initially had), we looked at Thomas (and the doubts he originally had), and we looked at Peter (and the mistakes that he made). We considered how each of us were like them in some way,  how Jesus helped them overcome all those areas, and how he can help us overcome them too, if we are willing to receive it like they did. We had a number of moving musical specials that helped us celebrate the morning as well.

All in all it was a wonderful morning of celebration, where we left feeling both encouraged and excited about what Jesus accomplished on the cross and resurrection, and what he will continue to accomplish in our lives. We had 107 people join us for our morning worship service, which was about 40 people more than we had been averaging.

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