Easter Story: Findlay, Ohio

The Findlay Seder service (click to enlarge).

The Findlay Seder service (click to enlarge).

Darwin Dunten (right), senior pastor, Findlay First UB (Findlay, Ohio)

Findlay First UB held a Seder Observance on Maundy Thursday with 60 persons attending. The observance was led by Craig Kupferberg, a Messianic Jew who attends Findlay First.  Craig used videos from “The Prince of Egypt” to correspond with certain aspects of the Seder. A Jewish woman attended the service, and in the middle of the service, she blurted out, “Now I understand!”

On Easter Sunday, over 700 Easter eggs filled with candy were thrown onto the church lawn. Breakfast was held, and the church was packed. Visitors attended as a result of the men canvassing of the neighborhood the week before.

All in all, it was a great Sunday.

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