Easter Story: Ruskin, Fla.

Gary Brooks (right), a former UB pastor and missionary, is currently pastoring the Mantee RV Park Community Church in Ruskin, Fla. He sent this report about their Easter service:

“Shortly after dawn on Resurrection Sunday, we had a coffee and pastry fellowship. Sixty-six people were present for the worship service. During that service we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. The message was taken from Matthew 28:7 and Isaiah 62:6, and was titled, ‘No Time to Be Silent, No Time To Rest.’ In short, the message encouraged believers to ‘Go and tell’ the good news of Christ’s resurrection rather than remaining silent.

“Immediately after the service, we went to the community pool for a baptismal service. We chose the pool over the nearby lake because a seven foot alligator was basking on the shore of the lake just 50 or 60 yards from the pool.”

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