Jan. 26 Update on Charles Malson, Sr.

Beth Palmer sent this update on her father, Charles Malson, Sr., along with some background on what led to his hospitalization. Rev. Malson is scheduled to undergo surgery Saturday afternoon, January 26.

“On Wednesday morning (January 23), Charles Malson fell in the bathroom, striking his head. When my mom found him, he was cold and unresponsive with wounds. He was taken to the Carson City hospital, and they transfered him to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.

“After several tests, they discovered that he had a section of his small bowl area that had detached from the blood source and had died, sending bacteria into his system. They removed this area that night, and he is to have surgery again to attach the two ends if they are healthy. He faces another surgery in a couple days to attach the muscles. There is too much swelling from the two surgeries to do this safely at this time.

“He is in an induced coma and will remain there for a few days. He is doing well.”

Chuck Malson added in the early afternoon on Saturday, Jan. 26:

“If all goes well, they may be able to close the incision today, otherwise they will reattach the intestine today, and close on Monday. The reason, as I understand, is that pressure in the abdomen is released better with the wound open, but if enough has been released by surgery time, they can close. So, either one surgery today, or one today and one Monday. It may be that the delay from yesterday will be a good thing, and he might be two days ahead if they can close today.”

UPDATE 5:30 pm: Beth Palmer writes, “Daddy’s surgeon just reported that he has been able to attach the sections of his bowel and there will be no ostomy. He will remain in a coma for another day or two and in the CCU for several days. He will then be moved to a surgical floor for more recovery. Grandma is doing well also. She is a trooper as you would expect. About 25 family members came to be with her during the process.”

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