Two Canadian Teams Headed to Haiti

The UB Church in Canada is sending two teams to Haiti during the next few weeks.

January 25 – February 4. A construction team will work on building a new church in Limbe. Joan Sider (right), from the Toronto UB church (and a frequent visitor to Haiti) writes, “This is in northern Haiti, and a brand new place to visit for all of us. We will be joined by a group from our King Street UB church in Chambersburg, Pa. This is a very exciting joint venture.”

February 5-12. A medical team will arrive, to be joined by three ladies from Mission of Hope and Dr. Robinson Germain, a Haitian doctor. They will go to Les Cayes, in the south, to hold several medical clinics.

Joan Sider writes, “Many of you have perhaps heard that there have been travel warnings about Haiti–more than usual, actually. We ask that you pray for our safety and that we will all be wise about our actions. We thank God for Pastor Oliam Richard’s vigilance in helping us be safe.”

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