Update on Rocky Layne

Adam Will reports that his father-in-law, Rocky Layne, is out of ICU, and is alert and talking. Rocky, pastor of two UB churches in southern Ohio, was in a four-wheeler accident on December 29 and had emergency surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain.

Adam writes, “The swelling in his brain continues to go down, and now we wait and see how soon he can recover.” While Rocky recovers, Adam will fill in at West Pleasant Hill UB church in Rockbridge, Ohio.

Pastor Layne can be contacted at:

Allen Rocky Layne
5868 Pen Rd.
Junction City, OH 43748

7:55 pm update: Rev. Al Carter, pastor of First UB in Columbus, Ohio, wrote: “Rev. Allen Rocky Layne continues to recover at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. He expresses gratitude for the prayers on behalf of him and his family. He is speaking to all who enter his room. He has made it clear to everyone in the hospital that he will be presenting them to God for a blessing for all they have done for him. There are many miraculous things that have happened to this point in his recovery. I will not steal his thunder, but let him relate it to you as he improves.”

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