Christmas in McGuire Bend, Iowa

Holly Lundberg, McGuire Bend UB church (Dayton, Iowa)

Our Christmas program was held during the worship service on Sunday, December 9.¬†We had a “super hero” Christmas. The children and one adult dressed up in super hero costumes. They gathered together to discuss the news that a new super hero was born that could save people. Being curious about this new super hero, they set off to find Him.

Meanwhile, the shepherds were watching their sheep in the fields and were vistited by an angel. The angel told them of the Savior’s birth. Then they too set off to find him.

The super heros and the shepherds found Mary and Joseph and the Child at the same time. They then understood that this Super Hero came to save the world in a much different way. He was the Savior.

During the skit the audience sang along with Christmas carols. It was a very wonderful and touching program.

Following the program, beefburgers were served along with side dishes. Candy bars were handed out to everyone, which is a long standing traditon at McGuire Bend.

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