Honoring Veterans at Salem Chapel

Joe Leighton senior pastor, Salem Chapel (Junction City, Ohio)

We have 12 living veterans in our congregation, including one on active duty. A couple of them are having some health challenges. So for Veteran’s Day, we wanted to do a little something extra while we still have all of them with us.

At MedalsofAmerica.com, we ordered a 5 x 7 shadow box for each of them. Each shadow box held a brass plate with their name engraved and a medal commemorating their branch of service. We called each of their names and presented them with their medal during the opening of the worship service. We were fortunate to have 11 of the 12 in church that day (the 12th is re-habbing in a nursing home–he did receive his medal).

Our veterans greatly appreciated the gesture, and the congregation was delighted as well. Only the board knew ahead of time what we were doing, so it was a nice surprise that everyone very much enjoyed.

I have used this company to put together a shadow box to recognize my dad’s military service. For a fee they will mount the medals for you. The quality of the materials and the workmanship in putting everything together, right down to the shipping, is superior. We found this to be a tremendous way to tangibly thank those men and women who sacrificed and served our country with a momento that has an heirloom quality to it.

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