A Challenge, 100+ People, and Two Pies

Pastor Dan VanArsdalen takes a pie in the face from a young parishioner.

That appears to have been fun.

Dan VanArsdalen, pastor, Alvordton UB church (Alvordton, Ohio)

Our Fall tradition has been reawakened. Last year we offered some special music from a men’s quartet, and we were able to have 54 people in attendance. For us at Alvordton, this was a great accomplishment. So this year I challenged the church to Pack A Pew. Invite enough folks to fill your pew or two.

We invited the Buehrer Family Singers, who were fantastic in their singing and meaningful worship. And then I said if 54 people were there, I would take a pie to the face. And, If 64 or more would be there, we would make it two.

The Church came alive. Every week, people were telling me of people they had invited. Let me simply say that when people put their minds together and pray, God does move.

We ended up with 103 people with us on Sunday, October 14, and then celebrated with a wonderful carry-in dinner. God is so good, folks. All the time. And yes, I took the 2 pies to the face.

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