HU Launches Student Ambassador Program

Front Line Foresters (l-r): Will Stauffer, James Parker, Jake Essig, Lance Wood, Brian Menzie, Kyle Geiss, Becca Berhai, Antonio Castillo (click to enlarge).

Huntington University has launched a student ambassador program to represent the student body to alumni, family, and friends of HU.

Nine students will serve as Front Line Foresters this year. They will host Foundation Breakfasts, participate in Prayer Ministry luncheons, host Homecoming & Family Weekend events, welcome the Board of Trustees to meetings, and show appreciation to donors with thank-you calls and letters.

Through these interactions, the student ambassadors will develop leadership skills and gain a basic knowledge of philanthropy and the workings of the Advancement Office at HU.

“Since beginning my role in advancement more than a year ago, I’ve had a strong desire to engage with and involve students in a more significant way in donor relations,” said Vince Haupert, vice president for advancement. “We asked our esteemed faculty to recommend students who are spiritually grounded, academically successful, and display a professional demeanor. We certainly didn’t lack for qualified students.”

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