HU Prof Wins Indiana State Fair Photo Contest

“Indiana Soy,” by Bryan Ballinger.

Bryan Ballinger (right), a Huntington University professor–and animator, and illustrator, and photographer–took first place in the Indiana State Fair photo contest sponsored by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture.

The photo, “Indiana Soy,” was taken near Lancaster Elementary School in Huntington, Ind. Ballinger is an associate professor of digital media arts at HU. He has been recognized many times for his photography.

Ballinger has been recognized many times for his photography, and has had photos on exhibit in various places.

Ballinger has worked as an illustrator for companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney, and Harley Davidson. He was also the lead 3D designer for five years at Big Idea Productions, the creators of VeggieTales.

To see more of Ballinger’s work, visit his person website at

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