Break-in at UB Church in Lancaster, Ohio

A number of United Brethren churches have reported being robbed during the past year. We reported earlier about the break-in at Homefront Church in Michigan. More recently, a break-in occurred at Lancaster UB church in Lancaster, Ohio.

Pastor Greg Voight (right) reports that they were one of eight churches recently burglarized (the church next door was hit twice over consecutive nights). At the UB church, somebody kicked in a window during the week-long power outage and did some ransacking, but didn’t really destroy much. They took Greg’s laptop and tried, unsuccessfully, to take the safe. “We got off easy this time,” said Voight. “Our last break-in and theft were much worse.”

That one occurred about three years ago. Thieves broke in, ransacked, broke about 17 interior doors. They were apparently looking for cash or items they could easily get rid of. “That time they didn’t take much, either, but they really tore the place up. We really don’t have much that could be easily taken.”

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