UB Staffing Course

The United Brethren Staffing Course is a requirement for ordination in the United Brethren denomination. The first edition of this course will be held Wednesday, July 11, 2012, at the Healthy Ministry Resources office in Huntington, Ind. Denny Miller (right), lead pastor of Emmanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne, Ind., is the instructor.

This course will help you develop an ability to expand ministry through staff, both volunteer and paid. Learn to balance responsibilities of staff to accomplish the ministries of your local church.

This session will also emphasize team development through staffing. You’ll walk away knowing the importance of delegation, job descriptions, and strategic staffing so that you can be better equipped to manage your role as supervisor.

Whether you are the only person on staff or have multiple persons on staff, this course will apply to you.

The cost is $100 for persons seeking ordination, $50 for everyone else.

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