550 People in Fowlerville’s 2nd Community Service Day

Mark Wilson (right), senior pastor, Fowlerville UB Church (Fowlerville, Mich.).

On May 19, 2012, Fowlerville UB Church hosted its second annual “Outflow Community Service Day.”

Last year, we sent over 250 people into our community to serve in practical and tangible ways. This year, we invited 6 other local churches to join us in these efforts. As a result, we sent out over 550 individuals to serve our community.

Our theme for this year was “The Church In Action.” We gave each volunteer a bright, florescent T-shirt with our logo “CIA” on the back. Imagine all those florescent shirts making their way into our community–it was a sight to see!

Our church rose to the challenge and raised almost $15,000 to fund the projects that we completed during the day. We wanted to bless the recipients with the extravagant love of God. All of our projects were done at no cost to the recipient, unless they already had the supplies.

Some of the types of projects we completed are:

  • Minor and major home repair projects.
  • Re-roofing an entire building.
  • Constructing handicap ramps.
  • Mulching and yard beautification.
  • Staining decks.
  • Constructing steps.
  • Trash removal.
  • carpeting and other flooring.
  • Dry walling.

We also cleaned up our community parks and downtown areas, and washed all of the windows in our business areas. We were able to serve over 45 different individual residents along with several other larger projects in our community.

I was not only blessed by the other churches that partnered with us, but by the 370+ from our church who went out and served as well. It was nothing short of an amazing day.

The following day, Sunday, we celebrated what God had done during our serving day and then we had the privilege of baptizing 7 people.

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