Dec 30 Update on Gerald Hallman

We reported earlier on Gerald Hallman (right), an ordained and retired UB minister, who was hospitalized Dec 22 with a brain tumor. Gerald and the family learned yesterday, Dec 29, that the tumor is stage 4 cancer–the worst, most aggressive kind, they were told. He currently has no movement on his right side.

Gerald is currently in the ICU at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Ind., though it’s expected he’ll be moved to rehab soon (he’s already undergoing rehab). Gerald is in good spirits, and jokes with the medical staff. His family spends a lot of time with him.

Cards can be sent to Gerald at: 9111 Whispering Woods Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.

Tim and Rozanne are keeping people updated on their Facebook pages, and many people have already left messages there.

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