Year-End Report from Camp Living Waters

Chad Sexton, Executive Director, Camp Living Waters (Luther, Mich.)

This has been an amazing year at Camp Living Waters. We have served over 2,450 people year-to-date. This summer, 48 campers made commitments to Jesus Christ, and many other lives were changed through our retreat season. Ministry is happening at camp almost every weekend. Thanksgiving was the first weekend in 31 weeks that we did not have a group here at some point during the weekend. Praise God that He is bringing people to Camp Living Waters.

We continue to serve with minimal staff and many volunteers. We currently have 2 fulltime staff and 2 interns in our Camp Ministry Apprentice Program. We have been blessed with thousands of hours of volunteer help. Many groups are coming to camp to complete projects that need to be done, and are helping provide the needed funds to complete the project.

  • We moved and improved the Camp Store.
  • Renovation to cabin row has been started.
  • The Health office has been given a face lift with new paint and flooring.
  • The prayer garden has been moved along the shoreline of Stewart Lake with great views and serene settings for spending time with God.
  • The barn has a petting farm, a new riding arena, and a tack room that is insulated and protected from the elements.
  • Volunteers have been working on the framing, the fire suppression system, and the heating for Colston Lodge, with many more people wanting to get involved as their skills are needed.

Volunteers are very encouraging and uplifting to us. We know we can’t do it without you.

As we grow and serve more people, our expenses have grown as well. Giving has been down this year, and we are looking at about a $30,000 shortfall. The last few years we have been blessed with a surplus at the end of the year that helped us bridge the gap over the next few months when heating costs are higher and we have less people to serve. We are working hard to bring more people to camp in January and February.

We know that God has a plan and will meet the needs of Camp Living Waters. People’s lives are being changed for eternity and others are finding spiritual renewal here.

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