Hollywood Comes to Huntington University

Praying the Hours” tells the story of a man in the midst of his death who is reflecting on eternity. The film is told in eight segments, and is based on the ancient practice of fixed-hour prayer observed by the Abrahamic faith traditions.

The final segment of this independent film will be shot at various locations on the Huntington University campus during January Term. Assisting will be 10 hand-selected digital media arts students, who will be used during preparation and production of the film including camera operation, location scouting, and problem solving such as the development of “trick shots.” This segment, about a college professor, is set at a liberal arts college in the Midwest.

“Praying the Hours” will continue shooting the other seven segments at various locations in the country through 2012 with a hopeful release date in 2013.

Read more about the project.

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