And Just a Few More Shoeboxes

Here are a few more churches that participated in Operation Christmas Child. This adds to the previous listings herehere, here, and here. We still invite you to tell us how many boxes your church filled.

Barton Road UB Church (Meadville, Pa.)
Number of Shoeboxes: 15

Mt. Zion UB Church (Wayne, Ohio)
Number of Shoeboxes: 108

Gayle Thorn of Mt. Zion writes: “Our collection included shoeboxes made up by a local college softball team, shoeboxes made up by each of our Jungle Zone classes (kids age 3-5th grade), and shoeboxes made up by our congregation at large. Our total number of shoeboxes is nearly double what we collected last year.” Cindy Bonham adds, “We put up a Christmas tree up and put the labels on as tags. Also purchased the shoeboxes and had them put under the tree for everyone to take. We were very pleased with the outcome. Went from 60 boxes from last year to 108 boxes this year. So glad we could help out.”

Living Water UB Church (Winchester, Va.)
Number of Shoeboxes: 17

Ebenezer UB Church (Greencastle, Pa.)
Number of Shoeboxes: 352

Pastor David Grove writes, “Our church family once again showed their great love and compassion for those in need by exceeding the goal of 350 shoeboxes. The 2010 goal was set at 250, and God blessed with 265 shoeboxes. We feel very strongly that every box that is filled is not only a gift for Christmas but represents a soul for the Kingdom of Heaven. We praise God that we have an opportunity to take part in this wonderful ministry, and we look forward to what 2012 brings.”

Park UB church (Bluffton, Ind.)
Number of Shoeboxes: 51

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