Camp Cotubic: Preparing for Another Year

Camp Director Dave Stephens (left) and Program Director Scott Stephens.

Dave Stephens, director of Camp Cotubic (Bellefontaine, Ohio), wrote on November 22:

“Just yesterday we sent the kids home from the last of our retreats and camps for 2011. It was an amazing year. As the kids stood in a circle with their arms around each other, we prayed for their continued growth and God’s blessings on them. It was a very precious moment.

“It also reminded Scott and me of what we do here at Cotubic and why we do it. We were blessed once again this past year with a “bumper crop” of kids. So at Thanksgiving time, when our founding fathers designated this day to give thanks to God for their crops, we are giving thanks for our crops, the kids.

“This is also the time of the year then that we begin to focus our attention on the coming camping season. There is much to do this winter to prepare the facility, program, staff, etc. for the thousands of kids that will come in 2012.”

A few items he mentioned:

  • Saturday, January 21, 2012: A fundraising banquet will be held at Praise Point UB church in Willshire, Ohio. Time: 6 pm. The event includes a meal and a program by the kids, camp staff, and board. Reservations are needed.
  • Remodeling is now completed the interiors of two of the six cabins. They hope to begin working on another cabin soon. “Hopefully by next summer the cabins will have an entire new metal look on the outside.”
  • The water slide that served our kids for well over 25 years has been removed to make room for the new slides donated by the Zanesville UB Church. There is much site work to be done this winter. Several more trees and lots of brush need to be removed. Many loads of sand will be hauled in before we begin to install the new slides. This is going to be a major improvement for the kids.

2012 Summer Camp Dates

June 10-16: Teen Challenge Camp (grades 7-12 completed)
June 24-29: Discovery Campo (grades 5-6 completed)
July 15-19: Voyager Camp (grades 2-4 completed)

Registration will be available on the camp’s website.

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