Willshire, Ohio: Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries

PraisePoint Church in Willshire, Ohio, is looking for a fulltime Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries.

Ministry Purpose
To lead and oversee middle school and high school ministries and oversee children’s ministries by developing a balance of winning young people to Christ, building them into the likeness of Christ, and equipping them for ministry and life.

Direct Responsibility

  1. Living a life of holiness.
  2. To become a growing disciple of Christ.
  3. Build & equip students for life & ministry.
  4. Provide vision and direction for the youth ministry.
  5. Teach the Sunday evening youth group.
  6. Develop a positive & ongoing relationship with the children, youth, and their families.
  7. Oversee & train volunteers for youth and children’s ministries.
  8. Other work that may be assigned by Lead Pastor.

Oversees the following Youth and Children’s Ministries

  1. Sunday school.
  2. Sunday Youth night programming.
  3. Youth trips & retreats.
  4. Outreach events.
  5. Service events.

Responsible to:

  1. Lead Pastor.
  2. Personnel Relations Commission designated for accountability.


  1. Possess a professional knowledge of the Scriptures and relevance for every area of life.
  2. Possesses the ability to relate well with youth and children.
  3. Musical talents useful for culturally-relevant ministry.
  4. Have the ability to inspire & motivate youth and adult helpers towards a discipled life.
  5. Possesses the ability to direct and organize youth and adult helpers to accomplish ministry goals.
  6. Tech savvy: specifically in area of video editing.


  • Accountability (weekly with the Lead Pastor).
  • Staff meeting (twice a month with paid staff).

Ministry Description
Praise Point Church, located on the Ohio/Indiana line in the village of Willshire, Ohio (population 450), was established in 2006 as a merged ministry and has been growing since day one. PPC has experienced a regular growth of approximately 10% for the past several years and the desire is for this trend to continue and increase. Part of our strategy for that direction includes hiring another associate pastor with a focus on youth and children (and their families).

Currently, PPC impacts hundreds of people from many small communities in our region. Our church influences youth and children from at least three different school districts while about 90% of those youth/children come from one district. Our youth and children are very active within their schools through sports and other activities.
It is the desire of PPC to develop fruitful and fulfilled disciples who both experience and express a relationship with God in every dimension of their life. We are seeking an individual who can help youth & children (along with their families) develop a lasting understanding of how faith and life intersect, specifically training young people through the Scriptures.

The current worship style of our Sunday morning service is blended. There is a future possibility of adding a second service due to space needs/constraints. PPC a very community-oriented ministry; this mindset is a core value of PPC’s DNA. PPC currently has both Sunday School and small groups for further faith development.

Education & Experience

  • Bible College or Bachelor’s degree (preferred)
  • Experience in youth ministry (preferred)
  • Leadership experience (preferred)
  • Pass a background check before hired (required)

Salary & Benefits

  • Fulltime Salary Package (Starting): $32,000-$35,000
  • Performance Compensation Increases
  • Ministry Expense account
  • Cell Phone
  • Mileage account
  • Paid Vacation

Fulltime for this role is currently defined as an average of 40hrs/wk.


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