Online Profile of Greg Helman

Greg Helman (right), senior pastor of Blue rock UB church (Waynesboro, Pa.) was the subject of a “Profile in Faith” column in the online

When asked what he likes most about his job, Greg said:”

I’m an encourager with a coach’s personality. So, I love to see people come to know Jesus and then help them to grow in their faith. Great fulfillment comes from preaching, teaching, and relationship building. Whether we are at a ball game or in a church setting, I get to participate in some humble way in what God is doing in another person’s life. As that person matures in their faith, then they are able to help others to live by faith in Jesus, too.”

When asked, “What is something about your work most people may not know?”, he replied:

“Prayer is a huge part of my job that may get overlooked as people think about the pastor’s job. It’s easy to see what gets done on Sunday as I preach and/or teach. But prayer goes on behind the scenes between the Creator of all that is and myself. It’s such an important time for me that I put this first in my day, regardless of what else I may be doing. For only then am I ready to help anyone else to live by faith in Jesus. Also, I’m able to share the needs of others that God puts on my mind and heart. It’s been very refreshing to understand that prayer is possible whether I’m running on the high school track or in my favorite place, the shower. God always hears and answers my prayers in the best way.”

Greg also talks two memorable ministry moments. Altogether, a very interesting and informative piece.

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