ELT Members Elected for 2011-2013

The US National Conference elected 8 members for the Executive Leadership Team for 2011-2013. The voting went like this. The person elected is in italics.

East District Clergy

Todd Fetters: 166
Daryl Elliott: 44

East District Laypersons

Robert Eberly: 74
Annette Sites: 137

Central District Clergy

Marty Pennington: 142
Brad Kittle: 63

Central District Laypersons

Tim Krugh: 77
Debbie Voight: 127

North District Clergy

Lester Smith: 122
Mike Arnold: 76

North District Laypersons

Joan LaClair: 57
Dan Paternoster: 143

West District

Tim Hallman: 113
Kent Koteskey: 93

West District Laypersons

Jim Cates: 90
Molly Kesler: 116

The only new person elected was Tim Hallman, senior pastor of Anchor Community Church (Fort Wayne, Ind.).

Three of the four women on the ballot were elected. All three are pastors’ wives.

These 8 persons, along with chairman Phil Whipple, will appoint four more persons to the ELT. There will be one appointee from each district–two of them clergy, two of the laypersons.

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