Tuesday, Setup-up Day for National Conference

Josh Greenfield (on the ladder) and Steve Dennie put up one of Josh's many signs.

The main hall, with five big screens.

Paul Hammel helps prepare the attendee packets.

Tuesday was a busy day at the Saw Mill Creek Resort, as a large crew of people from several states came to prepare for the US National Conference, which starts tomorrow.

  • They prepared everything needed for registration, including stuffing ov er 700 bags with materials for attendees.
  • They put up colorful signs.
  • They worked on the main hall where the evening services will be held–staging, sound, lighting, etc.
  • They filled the Granary–the hospitality room–with goodies, which attendees can take advantage of all week long.
  • And they did many other things.

The day ended with a poolside meal for all of the volunteers.

Registration begins Wednesday at noon, and the first service begins that night at 6:30. It’s gonna be exciting!

You can view a bunch of photos from the day on Flickr.

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