Prayer Need: Donelle Raab

We learned that Donelle Raab (right), wife of former UB minister Dick Raab, is not doing well. In January 2008, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her spinal column. She underwent surgery and radiation treatments. But on Thursday, April 21, tests showed fluid accumulating in pockets throughout her body, rather than going to her vital organs.

Her son David wrote on Facebook, “Her liver has decided not to do its job. It looks like the fight is coming to a close. Doc doesn’t see hope for her to kick the troubles she is experiencing right now.”

The doctor said he could put her in the hospital and run more tests, but they might never learn what is discovering the problem.

Donelle said she wanted no more tests or treatments, and that she is ready to meet her Lord. The doctor suggested they get set up with hospice, which they did on Friday, April 22.

Donnelle has no strength, and needs 24-hour care. Please pray for the family during these difficult days.

Dick and Donnelle served 42 years in the pastoral ministry, retiring in January 2007 from their last pastorate, Richfield Road UB church in Flint, Mich. Dick passed away January 1, 2010, after his own battle with cancer. Donelle holds a Specialized Ministries license, and until the end of 2007 was a member of the denominational Women’s Ministry Team.

Donelle’s son David is giving updates on his mother on her Facebook page. Donelle is too weak to talk on the phone. However, cards are appreciated. Her address is 1914 Jackpine Ct., Dorr, MI 49316.

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